Naturopathic Physician. Board Certified Homeopathy Specialist.

Since 1978 my practice has addressed the health needs of adults and children.  My goal is to help you be fully alive and healthy.  Even obstinate problems can improve with careful attention.  Naturopathic medicine uses a wide range of tools to assist your body's self-healing processes.  Patients are pleasantly surprised to discover the power of simple foods, homeopathy, concentrated nutrients, herbal medicine, water treatments, exercise, and counseling.  My first choice is always to use treatments that won't cause harm or side-effects.  When necessary I will prescribe drugs or refer patients to medical specialists for additional diagnosis or treatment.

Naturopathic primary care:  the first steps in diagnosis, treatment and disease prevention:
  • acute illnesses & infection
  • minor injury
  • wound care
  • well-child visit
  • sports physical
  • annual checkup
  • laboratory diagnosis
  • nutrition counseling
  • hormone replacement
  • preventive medicine 
  • supportive care

Classical homeopathy:  individualized prescribing based on in-depth study of each patient's history:
  • chronic disease
    • allergy
    • skin disease
    • digestive disorders
    • recurring infection
    • arthritis
    • headache
  • mental health and behavior problems
  • stress-related complaints
  • complicated conditions
  • developmental problems in children